Britt Lind
Actress Writer Activist

Script List


A naïve girl reaches maturity and independence in racist Mississippi in the late sixties while married to a student navy pilot.

Home Run

A social worker becomes the reluctant guardian of a six year old boy and involved in solving the murder of the child's mother.

Mother's Day

Against great odds, a female ex-cop tracks down her husband's killer while trying to work her way back onto the police force.


An obnoxious actor gets a chance to redeem himself when he puts his life on the line for a friend.

Sub-level Four

A cop from Los Angeles comes to Seattle to track down a vicious killer and uncovers corruption in the CIA, Washington politics and the pharmaceutical industry.

Eyes of Justice

An aspiring musician attempts to avoid flunking his college investigative journalism class by trying to track down a famous female prosecutor who disappeared twenty years ago after being attacked by a serial rapist.

Killed in the Ratings

A soap opera actress seeks the ultimate revenge on a promiscuous television talk show therapist.

Light in the Forest

A despondent woman travels to Lummi Island Washington to commit suicide but an encounter with a mysterious young Indian boy changes her life and gives her a reason to live. (a runner up in the Washington State Film Commission Screenwriting competition.)