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Praise for Malevolence - A Hollywood Mystery

Britt Lind has created two excellent lead characters in Rosemaria and Josh, and their loving and supportive dynamic provides a unique backdrop to the grim and dark world of murder and international conspiracy. The mystery at the heart of Malevolence is highly engaging with enough twists and turns in the tale to keep audiences on their toes and excited to read what happens next. The dark nature of the subject matter is excellently counterbalanced by Josh's light sub-plot about getting his big break. As with the previous story, Rosemaria proves herself to be a capable investigator and an excellent pair of eyes for the audience to engage with the core mystery. The additional obstacles provided by her professional life contribute to the unpredictable directions that the plot takes as it moves forward.

- Readers Favorite - A Five Star Review

Malevolence - A Hollywood Mystery is the second book in the highly-rated series by Britt Lind. Like the first book, Malevolence weaves the themes of commitment and love, along with animal rights into the narrative. And in the end, those who should get their comeuppance do. For readers who like their police novels with a good heart, strong female leads, and a well- integrated animal rights theme, Malevolence - A Hollywood Mystery will excite and satisfy.

- Chanticleer Reviews

Praise for A Fate Worse Than Death - A Hollywood Mystery Prequel

With a big talent for writing, Britt Lind again captivates the reader with a new mystery.

- Jonas Nordstrom - Marketing Head - Adventure Box

Hollywood and mystery are a part of Britt Lind's history - from big screen to little screen and roles ranging from Clint Eastwood's Play Misty for Me to the iconic Columbo, so it's no mystery why she is a shining star of the written word in her Hollywood Mystery series including this prequel which gives us a glimpse into the childhood of her protagonist Rosemaria Baker.

- Bob Linden - Radio talk show host, producer, and vegan activist

Praise for Deception - A Hollywood Mystery

A thrilling page-turner about a group of flawed, yet compelling characters caught in a cesspool of greed and ruthless ambition behind the scenes in Hollywood. I couldn't wait to find out the ending while simultaneously wishing the book wouldn't end.

- Lara Wickman - Writer, Producer, Actress

…the story takes some refreshingly unexpected turns, picking a path through genre clichés and keeping readers guessing. The author has an easy writing style and a cinematic grasp of pace. Fans of silver screen crime should approve, as, in many respects, this reads like the novelization of a movie.

- Kirkus Reviews

If you want to read a book that offers, romance, suspense, detective work, intrigue, and feels like you're watching a movie, then this is your book. I highly recommend it.

- Tony Eldridge - Executive Producer - The Equalizer I & II

Deception is a gritty rendering of the classic battle between good and evil played out in the milieu of Hollywood. As an actor herself, Britt is ably qualified to explore and articulate the disappointment and heartache of fame- obsessed performers as they struggle to “make it” in an unforgiving industry where fame is illusive and disappointment can lead to murder.

- Andreas Michaelides - Writer, Reviewer, Blogger and Natural Health Educator

Praise for Learning How to Fly
(Beverly Hills Book Award Winner)

Learning How to Fly is the story of unstoppable passion. Britt Lind's acting career was filled with a seeming endless series of wins and setbacks, but she persevered. Readers with an interest in the tough and quixotic world of Hollywood movie-making will find much in Lind's story to hold their interest. I was surprised that even successful actors can find it a continuous and difficult challenge.

But the book is much more than a behind the scenes look at movie making. Lind's passion for acting is matched by her compassion for animals. Whether writing about rescuing cats, speaking up for fur seals and whales, or taking on the animal experimentation industry, her get-back-up-again spirit is clear throughout the pages. Readers with an interest in the road to her animal advocacy will not be disappointed.

- Rick Bogle, Animal activist and Author of
We All Operate in the Same Way

Britt Lind's journey to find her ultimate calling (a voice for the animals) is filled with highs and lows on her road to Hollywood, and you will want to keep turning the page.

- Sylva Kelegian - Actress, writer and award-winning author of
God Spelled Backwards and The Dolphin Princess

Learning How to Fly is the inspiring story of a fellow activist who has hung in there through thick and thin for all of the 32 years I've known her. Fighting vivisection is a hard road and it takes both courage and incredible patience to stay in the battle. But Britt found a way to stay on course and still fulfill her passion for acting. Readers will find this book entertaining and humorous, but it's also her journey that provides guidance on how one can find their own way to a meaningful life.

- With Respect for all Life - Chris DeRose - Founder and President -
Last Chance for Animals and author of
an autobiography - In Your Face

As a young starlet, Britt Lind was a beauty who was cast in a Clint Eastwood movie and found happiness being married to a television producer and acting and raising a baby girl. But in a flash, her marriage ended, riches vanished, the house was foreclosed on and her career crumbled. Britt's story of disappearing success is poignant and unforgettable, and by the time she is beaten down in Hollywood and heads for New York with visions of Broadway, you cannot help but cheer for her and the animals she has dedicated her life to saving. This is a heartfelt, timeless story of shining on to create a life filled with love, beauty and triumph.

- Janette Turner - Writer, director and author of the
forthcoming memoir Magazine Crush: My Life as a
Cosmo Addict.

These are the adventures of an innocent young girl from Norway, thrust into American culture, driven by a passionate ambition to be an actress in a ruthlessly unpredictable and sexist industry. Britt navigated through a life of obstacles, betrayals and disappointments with courageous resolve, a resolve deeply rooted in a firm moral foundation and strengthened by a deep compassion and a fiery desire to end the suffering of animals.

Captain Paul Watson - Founder of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
and author of several books including: Sea Shepherd -
My Fight for Whales and Seals, Seal Wars - Twenty -
Five Years on the Front Lines with the Harp Seals and
Ocean Warrior - My Battle to End the Illegal
Slaughter on the High Seas.