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By Britt Posted in Uncategorized on May 6, 2023 0 Comments 2 min read
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Dear Mr. Grimes:

Today while sitting in my doctor’s office, I grabbed a copy of Country Living which I undoubtedly would not have picked up anywhere else and I read an interview with you.  I found it to be deeply disappointing. To someone like me, who believes in compassion for all creatures on this earth, it seems unfathomable that you, having been around other people for some time now who also loathe hunting, cannot overcome your father’s need to bring pain and death to innocent animals. From the time you were “tiny,” with a child’s natural love of animals and revulsion at killing them, your father, a pastor, who is supposed to preach love for all of God’s creatures, ingrained in you a feeling of superiority and callousness toward them.

I used to live in Pacific Grove, California, where deer wandered freely, including golf courses where they always had right of way. My friend Rod, a fellow actor, lived in Carmel Valley, and he was honored when deer trusted him enough not to run away from him. One time, a deer appeared on the road to his home, and he swerved into a tree and broke his neck to avoid her. But after surgery he was fine. He never blamed the deer for the accident. When I think of how fortunate you are to be surrounded by these beautiful animals and instead of thanking God for allowing you to commune with them, you follow the dictates of your father and choose to cause them fear and suffering. Instead of seeing the beautiful, sentient creatures that they are, all you see is a slab of meat. “Ethical?” I don’t think so. There is nothing ethical about murdering any animal. I’ve heard the argument, “I only kill them for food!” Does that mean if you kill a human being and eat him, it’s okay? Only carnivorous wild animals kill to stay alive. Humans have many other choices.

As a Christian, a vegan, and an actor I cannot understand why God chooses to reward people like you with success. I cannot understand why God rewards criminals and cruel people in any walk of life and allows them riches and public adulation. It makes no sense to me. But I have to believe there is a higher plan at work here. When I meet God, I will ask him. Until then I remain confused.

Meanwhile, I have no doubt you will continue on with your killing spree and more innocent victims will be sacrificed on the altar of your stone-cold heart.

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