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By Britt Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2022 0 Comments 2 min read

Does any sane, thinking person with an ounce of common sense actually believe in this hilarious new attempt by pharma to scare us into getting more jabs? How stupid do they think people are? After successfully fooling millions of people about the fake Covid virus/pandemic we knew that Fauci and pharma would hit us with a slew of more fake viruses and try to fearmonger us all into having more animal pus/human cell lines/formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum and other toxic chemicals injected into our bodies. They have no shame. They are driven by greed and lust for power. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous their claims about a new virus may be, if there’s money to be made, loss of human life is irrelevant. But with monkeypox they made a huge mistake by asserting it was spread in gay celebrations and bath houses. Uh, oh. It’s not woke to blame the gay community for anything these days. Forget that it’s not true. The gay lifestyle has nothing to do with monkeypox. But now pharma’s story has to change, and they will find a way to make it believable – sort of. I’m guessing that instead, they’ll have to move on to another “virus” and make sure no minority group is blamed for the “spread.” Maybe they’ll even bring back Ebola that failed to live up to expectations last time since they didn’t own the media yet. Don’t forget, most of these vaccine/drug companies also manufacture pesticides. They have access to the most poisonous pesticides on the planet. They can find a community in Africa that is dying from lack of clean water and proper nutrition, inundate them with pesticides and antibiotics until blood is coming out of their ears, take photos of this, and scream, “Ebola, Ebola is back! Get jabbed or you will all die!” But keeping that up might be difficult so they have to hit hard and fast to maximize vaccine sales. I’m sure they’re in the Publicis conference room right now with their PR people coming up with the next con. Can we please not fall for it?

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