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Hello, Iím pleased that you have taken the time to visit. Acting and writing are my passions in life and thatís what this site is about. My demo reel and other work product are available for viewing and I hope youíll take the time to do that. As for my mission in life, information on that subject are expressed in several videos on this site and can also be found on the web site of People for Reason in Science and Medicine, a group of which I am proud to be co-director. My contact information is listed so let me hear your thoughts about acting, writing, PRISM and anything else youíd like to share. The words I live by are below.

God gave all men all earth to love
But since our hearts are small
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all;
That, as He watched Creation's birth
So, we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good.
~Rudyard Kipling

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Follow the Money: The Cons and Co-horts of Big Pharma

Big Pharma, Big Fraud

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