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By admin Posted in Health Freedom on August 18, 2020 0 Comments 2 min read
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There was no question that when I became an animal activist as an adult that my calling was to become an antivivisectionist. It was not an easy choice to make because animal experimentation is a painful, horrific issue. As antivivisectionists we have to deal with the most psychopathic, evil people on the face of the earth – people who not only enjoy torturing animals but whose goal is to torture human beings as well. At the VA in Westwood right now, homeless veterans are being experimented on by UCLA vivisectors. Baby Fae was tortured by a vivisector at the City of Hope. Robert White transplanted heads on monkeys and dreamed of being able to transplant heads on humans and create people with two heads. Dangerous vaccines that threaten to change our DNA are now being developed by Fauci, Gates and others in their vivisection labs. When I begin to describe some of the experiments being done at universities, chemical companies, drug companies and by disease organizations, most people can’t handle listening to me for even a few minutes. Which makes it all the more difficult to accept that now the vivisectors are winning. People who didn’t believe in them before now do. Fauci, Gates, and countless pharmaceutical companies are slaughtering thousands of animals to become ingredients in their vaccines. Their greed has destroyed our civil liberties and destroyed people’s lives. Their lies regarding a “pandemic” they invented has become an accepted truth. Dissenting opinions are crushed. Censorship has become normal. How do we get off this path of self destruction? Will our fellow Americans finally stop believing in vivisectors and start believing in real science and their own common sense? Only time will tell.

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