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By admin Posted in Health Freedom, Uncategorized on August 5, 2020 0 Comments 1 min read

I find it amazing that Fauci, Gates and their business partners in the CDC, NIH, FDA and the rest of the pharmaceutical industry were able to fool millions of people with a phoney “pandemic” designed to make hundreds of billions of dollars for them when they roll out their vaccines. Big Pharma true believers have been so programmed to believe whatever the people in white labs coats say they put their common sense on hold. They do not listen to doctors and scientists who talk about manipulated statistics and outright lies. They do not check out history and find out that Big Pharma execs have tried to fear monger several flues and viruses before this one and, unfortunately for them, those flues and viruses never gained traction and made them the kind of money they had hoped for. How can people forget the Swine Flu debacle? It wasn’t that many years ago. But because history is forgotten it now repeats itself in a devastating way. The NIH, which is funded by our tax dollars, is doing a new study. Is it to compare the health of vaccinated children with unvaccinated children? Is is to compare the results in adults of injecting vaccines versus injecting placebos? No. This study is being done to find out what marketing device will be most effective in making people submit to having the Corona vaccine injected into their bodies. They have a list of messages they will try to influence you with: guilt, embarrassment, anger, control, trust in science, etc. Which one will convince you?

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