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By admin Posted in Health Freedom, Uncategorized on July 15, 2020 0 Comments 4 min read

It starts early when we’re kids, “You better go to sleep or the boogie man will get you!” “If you don’t behave yourself Santa won’t bring you any presents!” “Be nice to your sister or I’ll tell your dad when he gets home!” Create fear to achieve the desired effect. It works!

Creating fear works just as well on adults and entire populations. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and had camps in Afghanistan. Dick Cheney wanted to get his military contracting company Halliburton out of bankruptcy and he and his oil company cronies wanted to get their hands on Iraqi oil. How to make that happen? Create fear of weapons of mass destruction and connect Iraq to 911. Through his friends in the media Cheney was able to convince the public Iraq had WMDs. When the inspectors found none, he was able to con politicians in Congress to allow him to go in and bomb Iraq anyway. Millions of lives have been lost and destroyed because of Cheney’s greed and many people still believe that Iraq had WMDs and had something to do with 911. Halliburton thrived and grew. Fear mongering worked well for Dick Cheney.

Measles, mumps and chicken pox have always been normal childhood occurrences. We all had them in the 50s and 60s. We stayed home, read comic books and got a vacation from school. In order to sell vaccines, fear mongering had to happen. So, vaccine companies began a propaganda campaign in the media and, with the help of doctors, turned normal childhood diseases into dangerous plagues. Using guilt and fear, millions of parents were convinced by their pediatricians that they must vaccinate their children. “Do you want your child to die?” “I know better than you what’s good for your child!” “Your child will infect other children!” “Your child could start an epidemic!”  So, the vaccine religion began and persists to this day. Children are now inundated with vaccines, childhood disease rates have skyrocketed and over $4 billion have been paid out by the NVICP to parents with vaccine damaged children. Fear mongering has been an overwhelming success for vaccine companies. 

Fear mongering flus and viruses has been going on for decades. Unfortunately for Big Pharma and the drug and vaccine profiteers at the CDC, for a long time we had an independent media that would investigate the facts. The flus and viruses were never adequately fear mongered and would end up as failures for Big Pharma. When the Swine Flu debacle occurred, the CDC’s lies were uncovered, and most people did not give in to vaccine company pressure to get the Swine Flu vaccine. Of those that did, over three thousand people were paralyzed, and many people died.  After that disappointing fear mongering failure, Big Pharma knew they must do much better next time and with Corona, they finally got it right.

The Corona fear mongering campaign has been in the works for decades. Fauci and his pals even announced back then that it was coming. They skewed statistics and faked diagnoses to convince the public that Corona was infecting and killing thousands of people. What used to be cases of ordinary flu became a deadly “pandemic.” Big Pharma bought the media through spending billions of dollars on drug commercials. Politicians were easily intimidated; dissenters were silenced, and the fear mongering took hold all over the world. Big Pharma had finally hit the jack pot. People were easily convinced that invisible little germs were everywhere so you better wear masks or get sick and die. Stay six feet away from everybody because the invisible little buggers know that they can only leap five feet 11 inches and no further than that. Fear mongering has now reached its zenith. Irrational fear has taken hold and turned the fear mongers into dictators. Long live Fauci,  our new absolute ruler. Fear mongering has taken away our civil liberties, destroyed our Democracy and people are too fearful to care.

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