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By admin Posted in Health Freedom on July 4, 2020 4 Comments 3 min read


Anyone who has been an antivivisectionist working for the abolition of animal experimentation for even a short time knows that vivisectors are psychopaths who torture animals for pleasure and money. Vivisectors lie when they say they are perpetrating unspeakably cruel acts on animals for the sake of finding “cures.” They know experiments on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans. They know that after over one hundred years of brutalizing animals in laboratories vivisectors have never found one cure to any disease ever. People who torture animals for a living don’t care any more about humans than they do animals. The point is – vivisectors lie.

So why do so many antivivisectionists now accept the lies of the drug and vaccine companies who are steeped in animal experimentation? Why do they choose to believe in the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry, the greediest, most destructive, most lethal industry in the world?

I’m shocked and dismayed to see some of my fellow activists choosing to believe in a “pandemic” manufactured by Big Pharma for the purpose of taking total control of our lives in order to make hundreds of billions of dollars selling their Corona vaccine. Many of these activists were around for the Swine Flu debacle that didn’t live up to Big Pharma hopes and dreams. We all experienced the other failed “pandemics” that drug and vaccine companies tried to sell. This time, with Corona, they hit the jackpot. They own the media, own politicians and have successfully been able to induce fear of invisible, non-existent germs ready to zap us all if we don’t wear masks and follow the orders of Big Pharma. They learned through past failures how to create bogus statistics and fear monger a flu no more dangerous than any other.

It is said that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough people will believe the lie. Add to that, if the truth is censored and ridiculed by a media owned by Big Pharma and people hear only lies, millions of people will end up brainwashed. I never thought that would include my fellow activists. I thought they were so familiar with the lies of vivisectors they would never fall under their spell. But some have. Not only do they believe in a phony “pandemic” they are supporting the people who are slaughtering thousands of animals to become ingredients in Corona vaccines. These activists only a few months ago were protesting outside vivariums and yelling slogans against the vivisectors and their animal experiments. What happened to that passion for truth and an end to the fraud and cruelty of vivisection?  

I am deeply grateful for the courage of the health freedom people, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., all the parents of children who have been damaged by vaccines and the brave scientists and doctors who are willing to risk their careers to speak the truth. But I am deeply disappointed in some of my fellow antivivisectionists who have chosen to switch sides and support the dictatorship of transnational drug and vaccine companies, every one of them brutal vivisectors.

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  1. Great article Britt. I think that people must understand how deep the propoganda goes and the manipulation present in the media.

    The recent events and quarantine have been making me question the medical establishment more.

  2. Can we be smarter now in 2020?! Go beyond experimenting on species who’s results CANNOT ever be extrapolated to humans?

  3. Well said. Big Pharma stand to make billions when they roll out a vaccine. And the worst part is they will undoubtably conduct even more horrific experiments on animals to “create“ a vaccination which contain extremely toxic materials and will actually give many people that receive it – coronavirus.

  4. Not only did the swine flu vaccine not do what the manufacturers expected, it caused myriad illnesses in those gullible enough to roll up their sleeves, most tragically Guillian Barre (Lou Gehrig disease) which caused much horrid suffering and death.